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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Something new there is

The observant of you may have noticed a Twitter feed to the right of this blog, and I wanted to tell you about it lest you are drawn to the wrong conclusions.

As things stand, I am not planning to become a tweet-bot.  I want to try a social experiment, one prompted by Golfy.  He maintains that all I need to do is open a Twitter account and, without even posting a twit, I will get followers.  And it is true, I opened the account and had 3 followings in 5 minutes.  One of them was obviously Golfy, but the other two are complete strangers.  In fairness, one of them has un-friended me, so I am down to two, but nevertheless, that is an infinite percentage increase on zero.

The trouble is, a bit like a painful blind spot or a scab, with which you also know you should not play, I find myself "just doing a couple of twits".  They are complete nonsense of course, but then I think that is the point.  As part of my extended thesis on the use of Twitter, I have just experimented with splitting a comment across two twits.  Of course, this means that you read the second first and the first second, so maybe not so good.  I also fear a backlash from the Twit police who may attempt a virtual citizen's arrest on me for violating the 140 character rule.
I thought I would Google the "best twits" just to get a sense of the psyche of my fellow twitters, and did have a chuckle at a few, which I have reproduced in case they tickle you:

  • My phone reception is so clear, I can hear my wife’s eyes rolling as I talk.
  • Full of peace and calm this morning. Googled my symptoms and found out I died in my sleep.
  • Open my favorite web forum…50 people arguing about a coffee grinder reviewer's motivations…close my favorite web forum.
  • Today is already shaping up to be a "Keyboard not found. Press any key to continue." kind of day.
  • Trapped in a 90-minute meeting next to a lady wearing way too much of that new perfume, Migraine by Calvin Klein.
 Keep having a good weekend.

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