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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Move along, there is nothing happening here

Today will be one of those days that does not linger long in the memory.  Work will be done, and food eaten, and a nice coffee drunk at 11am (ish, don't want to sound OCD), but otherwise, it will be a day to get over.

That is sad, wasting away our lives, but then that is, sometimes, what working is about.  I enjoy my job, in the round, but I also like my home life, and one will always interfere with the other.

Maggot 2 is visiting a recycling plant with school today, and in the afternoon has "drinks and nibbles" by way of the launch of this half-term's subject, an event for all Year 6 where they have to wear smart civvies.  Needless to say it is hard to know whether it is the girls or the boys who are spending more time discussing and comparing what they will wear for the event.  Oh to be young again, and have nothing to worry about except which trousers to wear.

Monday, 28 January 2013


Had a great weekend, and am really getting in to my remixing of tracks.  Got my first comment back yesterday from a fellow remix artist (I suspect that is what we would be putting on our Equity Cards) that was very positive, which is nice.  Not sure whether this is my new career*, but at least a pleasant hobby.

* so probably not a chance to put a tick against my new year resolution around career.

Friday, 25 January 2013

And . . . relax

Another week under her belt for LO in her new role, and things are starting to shake out.  That means that at this moment her head is spinning with all the new processes, the new people, all the things she is observing may need changing, other things she is considering that are for future implementation.  In short, there is a lot of information buzzing round her head, and this means she is, probably for the first time in her life, not sleeping so well.  Not that she is anywhere near as bad as me, but worse then she used to be.  This means that we rarely need waking for the 6am news, although getting out of bed is still a challenge.

We have David and Samantha over on Saturday, so the weekend is shaping up nicely, and the weather is even threatening to be warmer, and there may even be sun.

May the sun shine on you this weekend.

Monday, 21 January 2013


On calls most of today, but not ones for which full attention needs to be given*, so I thought it was about time I pinged Golfy for a quick instant messaging chat.  It was good to hear from the old chap, not least so that he can explain what the bloody hell he is talking about in his latest blog.  I am now fully informed, and it is no surprise that The Big Lebowski is sort of in the mix.  It is comforting to know that some things do not change, at least not too quickly, which for Golfy is mostly down to old age, and a very bad golf handicap.

* there are those who would argue that any such meetings are not events that need to happen, but my counter-argument is simply that, if I didn't attend such calls, when the hell would I do my email filing?

Friday, 18 January 2013

And . . . relax, you are going nowhere

Even on the South Coast, it is snowing.  This area is usually known for its sub-tropical temperatures due to a micro-climate created by the Downs to the north, and the sea, and in particular the Isle of Wight, to the south (but don't tell anyone or they'll all want to live here).

This is a bit of a shock to a chap accustomed to shorts and Hawaiian shirts, and that is just when at work, so it was with some shock and dismay that a chap had to request that the servants bring his wellies and waterproof coat up from the cellar to wear on the school run.  Well, I say run, it was more of a tentative walk.  Once at school, we were told the the school was closing at 1pm, and the Maggots could stay until then or just go home, so we chose the latter, my afternoon being one of conference calls and other super important things.

The Maggots are therefore currently in the garden having a snowball fight before retiring to seven hours of screen time.  LO went off to work, being in the SLT she needs to set an example, but in the new car, with rear-wheel drive, I am not sure that is so wise, especially as the weather looks to continue snowing all day.  Hopefully she will watch the weather and her school will decide to cut and run before they are snowed in all weekend.

This weekend we had planned a number of things, most of which may be cancelled now, so it may be a return of onesie time, especially as one of my kind team has given me an Avengers something or other in 3D Blue Ray they they cannot use, which is nice.  A warm cozy fire, a film, even one with silly glasses, who knows, after a couple of G&Ts a chap might even nod off.  Bliss.

More about the new car next week, once I have acclimatised.

Have a great weekend, don't get any snowballs down your neck, and speak next week.

Friday, 11 January 2013

And . . . relax

This has been our first full week back as a family, LO having started her new job on Monday.  It is fair to say that we have a new routine, one revolving around waking up as usual, but getting out of bed earlier.  Now, for a chap with my military background, early mornings are de rigeur, if only to ensure the servants have polished the egg cups, however for LO it is a rude awakening, in every sense.  Give the filly her due though, she has done well so far.  One week down, six to go (until half term that is).

We have remained disciplined in all aspects of this new regime, ensuring we completely wash and clear up after dinner*, so the end of week report is looking rosy.  However, ask us again in a month.

This weekend sees us to dinner with A&E, which is always a pleasure, and no doubt there will be beer, and wine, good food, good company, some holiday chats, some coaching for LO on her new role from A, and likely some Canasta, when the chaps' New Year Resolutions to "let the fillies win a bit this year" will be sorely tested**.

Otherwise there will be scouts, swimming and tennis and doubtless some onesie time as well.

Only other news is that the Scobi Remix Factory (aka my study, little laptop and Denon hi-fi) is in full swing.  I have finished and submitted Disaster in the Universe - Natural, which is here (find me in the entries section at the bottom) if you are interested, and I am now nearly finished on a chillout remix, original track here that has been fun coz I get to play a lot with delay and panning and generally messing about without making it heavy (gotta keep in chilled out).  Interesting.

I hope your weekend is as full-on*** as ours.  Until next week, take it easy.

* I know, the rest of you do this as a matter of course, however as we usually do not finish dinner until 9pm, when our one hour evening show starts, the temptation is strong to leave it until morning.
** Written on the full expectation that none of the offended parties will be reading this blog.
*** Irony, in case you were wondering

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Golfy has woken up

It's nice to see Golfy blogging more regularly, and that the spell-checker he got for Christmas is doing a sterling job of making his words half readable*.  A couple of his blogs have made me to want to respond, albeit briefly**.

The first was his excellent thoughts on the US and guns.  I believe his view and mine are broadly in line, which is nice, and as everyone knows now, if you read something that aligns with your own views, you generally believe it, even if it is bunkum.  Likewise, if you don't agree with it, you tend towards disbelieving perfectly sound facts.  Anyway, my only additional comments are around the gun lobby, which as we know, is very powerful in the US, with that old cowboy whose name I forget being a very vocal advocate.

There are two points I wanted to make.

Their oft-quoted view is that "guns don't kill, people do", and I have been giving this some thought.  The problem is the people, therefore I would advocate that we need to do something about the people who want guns, so how about a free lobotomy with every gun licence?

I was really, profoundly and utterly deflated and disappointed with their response to the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy.  The news came out that the NRA were going to issue a statement on the event, with some commentators pondering whether that, at last, they were going to contribute something more neutral to the overall argument.  Their response?  Armed guards in schools.  As the Maggot's little yellow friend would say; Doh!

* only joking of course, so no letters please.
** are you paying attention, Golfy?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

And . . . relax

I am so relaxed, I missed it by a day.  Never mind, not a lot to say, just that my first 3 days back have convinced me that I really do need that Lottery win.

Only joking, coz this is the year I do something to up-shift my career.  Not sure what, not sure when, but I need to push on.

Now sitting down, after a frustrating day going to Southampton, only to turn back without visiting anywhere because the traffic was so heavy.  It was bumper to bumper from the motorway all the way in to West Key, and even our escape route was rammed.  Unbelievable to think it was Christmas only just over a week ago.  Oh well, obviously a lot of people wanting to spend the gift vouchers.  We are now home having some Onesie time.  Luvverly.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well, wasn't that a highly successful and enjoyable break.

I failed at my goal to eat my own body weight in mince pies, but still managed to eat plenty, drink plenty and sleep plenty.  The other seventy five percent of the clan have new-fangled "Onesies", which have brought a new phrase in the Scobi household of "Onesie time", which can be any time from the moment we get up* through to sometime before the final meal of the day**.  This has materialised in to a most pleasing of times, and one to which a chap could get used***, which makes it all the more sad that real life has intervened, and a chap needs to get up and earn an honest crust.

We did plenty of nothing, and quite a lot of partying in-between, with a games night, a New Year's Eve party (wonderful time had by all) and a lunch-time nibbles**** party as well as both our folks to Christmas Day and mine to Boxing Day.  It could fair wear a chap out.

This year, I have sort of made some resolutions, the main two being:

  • career - do something positive, and get some training - sharing this one with Brad, who is my keeping-me-honest partner-in-crime, he also needing to do similar
  • have more holidays
To this end, we have already nearly planned the four three 'van trips, which include Sandy Balls, IoW or Dorset and somewhere else eastwards, maybe even doing the Seven Wonders of the Weald, which is on my personal to-do list.  Also planning a Riverside Lakes trip with Brad and Angelina, sometime in June I believe, to which I am already looking forward***.  We have also tentatively looked at the Italian Lakes and Fayence (again) to see what is what, possibly favouring a 1 week stay in the Lakes with a week of touring spread either side, but time will tell how that one pans out.

* or Lunch, as most people call it
** which is usually no earlier than 4pm, and no later than midnight
*** Surely that cannot be right?
**** Don't let the innocent name fool you, there was dancing on the tables by eight o'clock, and this was at a party scheduled to end "around threeish"