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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well, wasn't that a highly successful and enjoyable break.

I failed at my goal to eat my own body weight in mince pies, but still managed to eat plenty, drink plenty and sleep plenty.  The other seventy five percent of the clan have new-fangled "Onesies", which have brought a new phrase in the Scobi household of "Onesie time", which can be any time from the moment we get up* through to sometime before the final meal of the day**.  This has materialised in to a most pleasing of times, and one to which a chap could get used***, which makes it all the more sad that real life has intervened, and a chap needs to get up and earn an honest crust.

We did plenty of nothing, and quite a lot of partying in-between, with a games night, a New Year's Eve party (wonderful time had by all) and a lunch-time nibbles**** party as well as both our folks to Christmas Day and mine to Boxing Day.  It could fair wear a chap out.

This year, I have sort of made some resolutions, the main two being:

  • career - do something positive, and get some training - sharing this one with Brad, who is my keeping-me-honest partner-in-crime, he also needing to do similar
  • have more holidays
To this end, we have already nearly planned the four three 'van trips, which include Sandy Balls, IoW or Dorset and somewhere else eastwards, maybe even doing the Seven Wonders of the Weald, which is on my personal to-do list.  Also planning a Riverside Lakes trip with Brad and Angelina, sometime in June I believe, to which I am already looking forward***.  We have also tentatively looked at the Italian Lakes and Fayence (again) to see what is what, possibly favouring a 1 week stay in the Lakes with a week of touring spread either side, but time will tell how that one pans out.

* or Lunch, as most people call it
** which is usually no earlier than 4pm, and no later than midnight
*** Surely that cannot be right?
**** Don't let the innocent name fool you, there was dancing on the tables by eight o'clock, and this was at a party scheduled to end "around threeish"

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