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Friday, 18 January 2013

And . . . relax, you are going nowhere

Even on the South Coast, it is snowing.  This area is usually known for its sub-tropical temperatures due to a micro-climate created by the Downs to the north, and the sea, and in particular the Isle of Wight, to the south (but don't tell anyone or they'll all want to live here).

This is a bit of a shock to a chap accustomed to shorts and Hawaiian shirts, and that is just when at work, so it was with some shock and dismay that a chap had to request that the servants bring his wellies and waterproof coat up from the cellar to wear on the school run.  Well, I say run, it was more of a tentative walk.  Once at school, we were told the the school was closing at 1pm, and the Maggots could stay until then or just go home, so we chose the latter, my afternoon being one of conference calls and other super important things.

The Maggots are therefore currently in the garden having a snowball fight before retiring to seven hours of screen time.  LO went off to work, being in the SLT she needs to set an example, but in the new car, with rear-wheel drive, I am not sure that is so wise, especially as the weather looks to continue snowing all day.  Hopefully she will watch the weather and her school will decide to cut and run before they are snowed in all weekend.

This weekend we had planned a number of things, most of which may be cancelled now, so it may be a return of onesie time, especially as one of my kind team has given me an Avengers something or other in 3D Blue Ray they they cannot use, which is nice.  A warm cozy fire, a film, even one with silly glasses, who knows, after a couple of G&Ts a chap might even nod off.  Bliss.

More about the new car next week, once I have acclimatised.

Have a great weekend, don't get any snowballs down your neck, and speak next week.

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