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Friday, 11 January 2013

And . . . relax

This has been our first full week back as a family, LO having started her new job on Monday.  It is fair to say that we have a new routine, one revolving around waking up as usual, but getting out of bed earlier.  Now, for a chap with my military background, early mornings are de rigeur, if only to ensure the servants have polished the egg cups, however for LO it is a rude awakening, in every sense.  Give the filly her due though, she has done well so far.  One week down, six to go (until half term that is).

We have remained disciplined in all aspects of this new regime, ensuring we completely wash and clear up after dinner*, so the end of week report is looking rosy.  However, ask us again in a month.

This weekend sees us to dinner with A&E, which is always a pleasure, and no doubt there will be beer, and wine, good food, good company, some holiday chats, some coaching for LO on her new role from A, and likely some Canasta, when the chaps' New Year Resolutions to "let the fillies win a bit this year" will be sorely tested**.

Otherwise there will be scouts, swimming and tennis and doubtless some onesie time as well.

Only other news is that the Scobi Remix Factory (aka my study, little laptop and Denon hi-fi) is in full swing.  I have finished and submitted Disaster in the Universe - Natural, which is here (find me in the entries section at the bottom) if you are interested, and I am now nearly finished on a chillout remix, original track here that has been fun coz I get to play a lot with delay and panning and generally messing about without making it heavy (gotta keep in chilled out).  Interesting.

I hope your weekend is as full-on*** as ours.  Until next week, take it easy.

* I know, the rest of you do this as a matter of course, however as we usually do not finish dinner until 9pm, when our one hour evening show starts, the temptation is strong to leave it until morning.
** Written on the full expectation that none of the offended parties will be reading this blog.
*** Irony, in case you were wondering

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