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Friday, 29 January 2016

One more week to go

My work here is nearly done, and it feels good to be able to take my foot off the gas slightly.  We are in that lull after the initial rush to release the proposal, but before the subsequent "how much?" fallout from the client once they have reviewed it. 

We are quite looking forward to this fallout phase since it will different from what has gone before; what has gone before would be a discussion where the onus is on us to win their trust and understanding to "do the deal", so the power was more with them.  This time, they really really need us, and so while they do not actually fully realise that yet, they will, and so the power in these discussions will be shifting more towards us.  Rather than us turning up with our turnkey solution for doing the thing, like I think they are expecting, instead we are turning up asking them what their plans are, and what they will need for us to support such a plan.  They have so far been unable to provide any detail on their approach, which means our proposal is highly assumptive based, which means it is commercially sound, but in any practical sense, not fit for purpose. 

They have been a bit slow to share, and so should not be too surprised when we are unable to give them a viable response.  The next month (after I have left) will therefore be a series of interactions to get the detail Starfleet require to be able to fully respond, and the longer the client plays silly buggers, the longer it will be before they have something that they are able to sign.  As teacher often said, it is their time they are wasting.

At home, we have a fairly normal weekend.  Sport features large, as does a likely Sunday dinner at my parents as a farewell meal, likely to include my sister and her family also.  Now that my dad has the all-clear, they cannot wait to get back to Spain and away from this cold, damp weather.  They fly next Thursday and we will miss them, but it will be good for their bodies and their souls to be back in to the bowling, the warm and the Mediterranean lifestyle.

I now have the plan to return my car, laptop and access badge on Friday morning at my local office, at 11am, so from around 11.15am, I will be faced with nothing more taxing that a walk to the station, a train trip home, and then the rest of the day and weekend to prepare for my first day at NN.  I cannot wait.

I hope you have a great weekend, speak next week.

Friday, 22 January 2016

There's something in the air

I am beginning to get excited.  Earlier in the week I had a call with my new manager, planning my first week, which seems to be something like:

turn up, no earlier than 10.30am on first day, get all your stuff, then go home for rest of week to get all your induction training completed.  In the meantime, within a couple of days I will get a mentor, one on an active deal, and if I understand it right, I will be bag-carrier for them by way or getting some exposure to the organisation and the processes.

Now, I am not making any grand assumptions or assertions over the differences between Starfleet and NN, though as a first impression, I am quite liking it.  It is good that they do not adopt the "throw them in the deep end, and we will keep those who don't drown" approach of my incumbent, it is good that they will give me some induction, and finally, and most importantly, it is good that they will have me paired up with an experienced colleague within the week.

So, that seems to be shaping up nicely.

In my current role, I am nearing a turning point.  My big deal is at a stage when the hard work has been done.  We are polishing and buffing, trimming and adjusting, but all fairly controlled.  I also now have someone to which I can handover the solution when I leave, which coincides with when the real negotiations will start.  I plan to hand over to him early next week, and he will be in the saddle and I will be supporting as necessary.  I am therefore taking a moment to catch up on reading, clearing my expenses, taking off any personal documents from my work laptop and generally getting myself in a good and clean place to sever my connections, and give up my assets.

This weekend, we are mostly doing our own thing.  Football is off both days.  We are also out to supper at A&E's on Saturday evening, and as I am still on a dry January, it will be an interesting evening, since E particularly likes a drink. 

I hope you have a great weekend, and speak next week.

Friday, 15 January 2016

And . . . relax

Quick update on my week:
  • Love the car still.  In fact, if it is possible, love it even more
  • Still dry (but may be celebrating tonight, so having 1 day off)
  • Work is good fun, if hard work, but getting some great experience and now have a person to handover bid deal to, so that means I will slowly fade out over next couple of weeks
  • Weekend is fairly standard: sport AM, chores (clear loft and shed, other dull bits if DIY) out in the evening.  Not sure if Brad and Angelina are coming down for going out, contacting them tonight hopefully
  • Dad has had his op, all is well, now they are wanting to know when they can fly, to get back to warmer weather
Have a great weekend, speak next week.

Friday, 8 January 2016

And . . . relax (or at least, try to relax)

We had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.  Lots of family and parties and probably way too much drinking, and definitely too many mince pies.  I am now on a Dry January, and very much cutting back on my food intake.  Oh joy.

First week back.  Starting to lose my interest in things, just at a time that things are hotter than ever.  If I can get over a short-term congestion issue, hand over some of my day job to my very able deputy, then things will be a bit easier, and I will then simply be 100%, or as near as anyone can get to dedicated to a single task in the weird and wonderful world of Starfleet.  In truth, aside from the need to be in the office more, and thus impacting my tight regime of late afternoon naps, it will be a fairly enjoyable task.  The reason for this is that it is one large piece of work, rather than numerous (if there were such a thing as numerously numerous, I would wanting to be using it) pieces of small pieces.  i.e. somewhat more like my new role will be. 

It is, as said before, some good experience, since I have never been involved in something like it, so all good for the betterment of Scobi, it being the "Year of Me" this year, not in any self-aggrandising way, but more that I want to think about me in everything I do, so I am healthier, fitter, happier etc.

On the home front, the rest of the Scobi clan are slowly getting back to normal.  This includes mealtimes, bedtimes, and the overall routine of normal life.  Of course it sucks, but until we have some profound external influence (lottery win, say), it is all we have and we plan to make as best use of it as we can.

Finally, I should tell you about my new car.  It is a Volvo XC60, something we have coveted for a long while, and so a great source of pleasure to us all that we have managed to bag one.  It is a bit bigger than the X1, but still economical.  It will be a great tower, and it is a great ride.  It is very comfortable (now I have both automatic and cruise control), good looking and full of "boys' toys" gadgets.  The include the normal such as leather, sat nav etc. but it also includes a TFT dashboard, which means that you can apply themes to the main controls (speed, revs, power, cruise control settings and the usual bits to show rear heaters etc).  I am favouring the Sport mode for now, but sometimes slip to Elegance when I want a change.  It also had an HDD on which we could load data files, which I think we will use when we plan a long drive, to take our stories and podcasts and all the other bits that used to go on a phone.  It also has silly bits like when you go in to reverse, the nearside mirror dips down so you can see the curb. 

I am very happy with the choice.  The only cloud is a mental one really; to get a really good deal, we had to complete 31st December, so we have the car before the job, which feels like a risk to us.  Just need to luge it through to the start of Feb, then we are on a sound footing.

I hope  you have a great weekend, speak next week.