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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Move along, there is nothing happening here

Today will be one of those days that does not linger long in the memory.  Work will be done, and food eaten, and a nice coffee drunk at 11am (ish, don't want to sound OCD), but otherwise, it will be a day to get over.

That is sad, wasting away our lives, but then that is, sometimes, what working is about.  I enjoy my job, in the round, but I also like my home life, and one will always interfere with the other.

Maggot 2 is visiting a recycling plant with school today, and in the afternoon has "drinks and nibbles" by way of the launch of this half-term's subject, an event for all Year 6 where they have to wear smart civvies.  Needless to say it is hard to know whether it is the girls or the boys who are spending more time discussing and comparing what they will wear for the event.  Oh to be young again, and have nothing to worry about except which trousers to wear.

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