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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Golfy has woken up

It's nice to see Golfy blogging more regularly, and that the spell-checker he got for Christmas is doing a sterling job of making his words half readable*.  A couple of his blogs have made me to want to respond, albeit briefly**.

The first was his excellent thoughts on the US and guns.  I believe his view and mine are broadly in line, which is nice, and as everyone knows now, if you read something that aligns with your own views, you generally believe it, even if it is bunkum.  Likewise, if you don't agree with it, you tend towards disbelieving perfectly sound facts.  Anyway, my only additional comments are around the gun lobby, which as we know, is very powerful in the US, with that old cowboy whose name I forget being a very vocal advocate.

There are two points I wanted to make.

Their oft-quoted view is that "guns don't kill, people do", and I have been giving this some thought.  The problem is the people, therefore I would advocate that we need to do something about the people who want guns, so how about a free lobotomy with every gun licence?

I was really, profoundly and utterly deflated and disappointed with their response to the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy.  The news came out that the NRA were going to issue a statement on the event, with some commentators pondering whether that, at last, they were going to contribute something more neutral to the overall argument.  Their response?  Armed guards in schools.  As the Maggot's little yellow friend would say; Doh!

* only joking of course, so no letters please.
** are you paying attention, Golfy?

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