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Friday, 16 May 2014

There seems to be something on the horizon...

... and I think it is the weekend.

I wish I had a bit more to tell you, but things are work are steady, although there was a note advertising some new Cloud roles in which I have, obviously, expressed an interest.  This achieves two things:
  • It gives my management an indication that maybe I want something else
  • it spreads my options on the next move.
Without casting aspersion..., ah, dammit but I have to cast a few to give the message.  Our management is not great.  I believe they are very busy, fair enough, but they are also not the right people to be in their role, in my opinion, and this manifests itself by everything seeming to go off half-cock.  This time, they send a note, but have no information on the roles.  Nice.  So I have currently expressed an general interest in something of which I know nothing.

This weekend, with the weather looking pretty good, I shall be doing some DIY and so DIN*, and we are planning a day out Sunday, to where we know not, but somewhere outside and fun.

I hope you all have a great weekend, speak next week.

* do-in' nuthin

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