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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Some things have happened, some things have not

Things that have happened:
  • Had a ping from Golfy, which is always a pleasure, which proves that he is alive, and his sense of humour is a bad good as always
  • At last, we reach the day of voting on the Scottish Referendum, which means that we must, surely we must, be at the start of the end of the continuous rounds of news items on the subject.  I noted Golfy's comments*, which made me smile
  • A colleague, let's call him Mike, pinged me a week ago to say, in confidence, that he was leaving Starfleet, only to ping me yesterday to say that his manager had made him an offer he could not refuse.  My view is usually that no offer of matching salary will keep pace with the likely salary growth in a new organisation, mainly because in that new org you are at the start of things, whereas in your current org you are nearer the top of things.  So, as a rule, a salary match would not tempt me, however for Mike, he was not that unhappy with Starfleet, so he has achieved his goal of more money
  • I have worked pretty hard, for me, and it is both envigorating and exhausting since it is large problem-solving stuff, which I like, but intense, which I sometimes don't
  • I managed to install a new aerial cable for the back room.  You may recall that during my "grinding out the cracks" phase of exterior renovation, I was rather gung ho and cut through said cable, and while I fixed it with a cable box filled with sealant, the signal strength we definitely down, and on the lesser channels, reception was pretty bad
  • The front gate is back in place, finally painted with the right shade of grey, and ready now for handles to be put back on.

Things that have not worked:
  • still nothing from potential new manager on an interview.  I am not pushing it now, since I would really like to get the other side of the appraisal decision before I make any noises to my manager about moving on, since the standard approach to such news is to lump a poor rating on the person leaving, coz they no longer need to be molly-coddled with good ratings, in lieu of anything tangible like, oh I don't know, a pay rise, recognition or a bonus.
So if I follow the Winston Churchill "pros and cons" measurement process, this week has been a pretty good week.

* Golfy has always been a man with an opinion

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