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Friday, 17 April 2015

Unpleasantly busy, being escalated all over the place. 

Weekend will be busy too, but in a different way.  Sports for Maggots, night out for adults, probably some gardening in between.  

And when I say gardening, right now I mean digging out the dead bit of lawn* sufficiently to lay new turn in the shallow hole made.  Also, genius idea that is also a stupid idea, deciding to re-purpose the topsoil relinquished from the hole to top-dress the rest of the lawn.  This is a great idea, apart from the time it takes to turn grotty diggings in to fine, stone- and weed-free soil. 

Also taking the chance to cut out some tree roots that protrude in the lawn, currently the perfect tool for breaking kneecaps.  LO is worried that the tree will fall down.  Make a note to tell her about trees and roots.

Hope you have a great weekend, speak next week.

* it was first where the trampoline used to be, which partly killed it, followed by being the goal mouth for the (then) new goal, which finished it off.

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a bad man said...


if it helps, there is as much bio mass below ground as there is above ground. So cutting a couple of roots won't hurt it a bit.

I have just done some work on a 250 year old Yew which has a tree preservation order on it. Our local Tree Officer was happy with us root pruning provided we cut out a maximum of 20% of the roots.

Unless you are getting seriously Medieval on it, it ain't gonna fall down.