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Friday, 11 September 2015

The sun is still shining . . .

I am very much enjoying what is probably now officially Autumn sunshine.  I suspect it will not last, so all we can do is enjoy it while it does.

On the work front, nearly all my team are back from holiday, so that means that we are at the start of getting back in control of our group's workstack.  There is always a bit of a lag while the bronzed returners pickup their work and make progress, but we are getting there.

My potential new job seems to be fading in to the sunset.  Or so I thought.  It started with a conversation with my manager, a person who does not really manage me*, suggested that these are "tough times" and he would resist any departures from his area.  It ended with me having a chat with "my new boss", and he was a bit more chipper on the whole subject.  I learnt from other sources that one of my colleagues, someone who I worked with when I first started my role, someone who works in the same office area as "my new boss" and knows him well.  It seems she may have been offered one of the roles, which makes sense since she is more of a known entity.  I happen to know she is caught up in the same "no departures" issue.

Knowing she has been offered a role gives me hope, that there is something tangible out there, and also slightly concerns me, someone else already has the role I want.  As always, things move mysteriously as well as slowly, and if I have learnt anything, and the jury may well be out on that, it is that you cannot force the rhythm of someone else's process, least of all in a large corporation that exists in its own space-time continuum.

At home, we are trying to get used to normal life.  This weekend is a fairly normal one, football, tennis, football, but with the addition of a family party for my father-in-law, who is seventy.
Maggot 2 is loving his new room.  I am likely to be given my Autumn Schedule of tasks, which will include, amongst other things, replacing the silk with gloss in the utility room, which equates to three doors, my favourite, although one is a sliding door, and not quite worked out how I will paint the hidden bit yet.  I suspect getting it off its rail is the only option, but time will tell.  I will also do the skirting and two windowsills as well, just so the whole lot is done.

Anyway, that is me.  Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* Google "matrix management" to get a view on what this means

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