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Friday, 20 November 2015

Looking forward . . .

. . . to the weekend.

. . . to starting my new job, probably in February.

. . . to going out with a flourish at Starfleet.

Yes, dear reader, I handed my notice in on Monday, first a call to my Manager, let's call him Mr Angry, followed up by a letter.  So far nothing from Mr A, but that may not be such a surprise for two reasons:
  1. He is very busy
  2. He did not seem to take it very well.
The latter could be construed as roundabout praise, but really it is much more to do with how it affects him personally, him being responsible for resourcing roles like mine.  With me leaving, it obviously leaves a hole, a hole that, how can we put this politely, is a little larger now that it was two years ago.  It's the beer you see, just can't say no.

I have also started to tell my work colleagues, who have, pretty much unanimously, been very supportive and congratulatory. 

I am now wanting to keep my end up at Starfleet whilst also keeping one eye on my new role, doing all I can to prepare for it, so hoping to get hold of lots of reading material.

On the home front, we have a lads' weekend, since LO is away for 3 nights meeting her friend from Cornwall half way, in Bristol.  It will be 3 days of retail therapy and three nights of cocktails for her I suspect. 

For us lads, it will be relaxing, going to get Maggot 1's bike, a Christmas present that is obviously not such a surprise, and doing the usual sporting endeavours in between.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.


a bad man said...

Congratulations !

... and remember ... it is not how you finish at Dante's Nine Circles of Hell, it is how you start at Never Never that counts.

I always baulked at calling your employer "Starfleet" as it implied that it was an organisation with integrity, that treated people fairly and with respect.

I never found it to be such an organisation and your Boss' reception of your resignation was pretty similar to mine.

My advice would be to **** 'em, take it easy, do all of your personal exit plan and ensure that you are 100% ready for your first day at the "Happy Place".

If you are customer facing you should now be on internal duties or garden leave by their own rules ... I bet you aint!

Only your friends at work will remember you fondly ... Starfleet (Bleurgh) are never gonna call you up and beg you to come back like a jilted partner.

All the best from a happy Dantes Alumni ;-)


The Gorse Fox said...

Well done... and congratulations. I wish you all the very best for your new job (you'll have to tell me all about it then next time we bump into each other in Sainsbury's).