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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Alone at last, but will it last

I have just read Bad Man's journal, and alongside teaching me some new vernacular to describes one's colleagues, I was most taken by his terrible evening out with dull colleagues.  Conversation was, he reported, nigh on non-existent, and where it did exist the general opinion was that it should not have done so.  I did like the visit to the loo to text tigger bit.  Most ingenious.

All I can say to that is, has he tried working from home unexpectedly for an enforced period of ill Maggot watching, and a Maggot, I should remind  you, that had lost his voice completely, thus denying a chap of even the most basic of conversations.  "What ya watching?".  "repeats of The Simpon's", and the like.

Overall, the busy week is as expected.  School run followed by Maggot watching until mid morning, then a quick scoot up to the local Starfleet to be with the team and to spend at least a small amount of time face-to-face with my work colleagues.  Also need to be back pronto to attend two times parents' evenings. 

After that, two more days working before we are off for 4 days in the 'van.  We are going to the outskirts of London to a lovely, peaceful and relatively rural site, but as a base for a couple of day trips to London.  I hope and expect that a fantastic time will be had by all, we just have to remember not to spend anything.

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a bad man said...

Wotcha Scobi,

Your readership is greatly appreciated and I have to advise that the evening was far more painful than my account suggests. Tigger/Golfy and I did our best but we were shattered and none of the invitees seemed prepared to accept any social responsibility at all. IT WAS HELL :-(.

As for working from home; I love it. I could quite happily spend the rest of my life as a home worker. All I need is some form of virtual cattle prod to deal with the SMIs and I will never need to leave the house again :-)

Enjoy your time in the van. I hope the horse doesn't go lame this time and don't you try selling tea towels, lace and "lucky" heather around here again. The neighbourhood watch are on alert for your lot.


bad man