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Thursday, 16 August 2012

And . . . relax

For this week only, Thursday is the new Friday as I am off tomorrow and all next week.   Add in a Bank Holiday the following Monday and we are looking at 11 days off.  Bliss.  The Tuesday I am back will then, of course, be the new Monday.

The final step in the test drive was to take the new car to my local Starfleet office, about 45 minutes away and a relatively cross-country route.  This would test the suspension and the seat.  The former just because reports have the car's suspension as hard, and my option had the Sport's upgrade which made it harder.  All I can say is that it was hard, and probably the non-Sport option is for us.

The latter is, for me, the most important.  It is amazing to me that the best seat I have ever sat in, by a country mile, is the Saab.  Nothing else I have ever sat in comes close, and with my very specific back issues means that I would probably go for a tank with a good seat over a Ferrari with a bad seat.  I am totally sure it will not be to everyone's taste, but it was bang-on for me.  The new car's seats are more firm, and the model I am driving has sports seats which are, presumably, designed for twenty-three year old boy racers with snake hips, because they are too narrow for my larger frame.  Having said all that, they were comfy enough, and as I will be going for the non-sport seats which are not so narrow, all should be well.

So, it seems that we will be going for this car.  The final decision is around what colour interior and exterior.  Now, there are a lot of hard decisions one will need to make in their life, and this is not one of those, although you would not believe it if you could see the thinking and analysis I have been doing over the last week.

We are off to Lyme Regis for a long weekend, meeting David and Samantha down there, who are already ensconced in David's mum's van.  We will be staying and David's mum's friend's van.  There will be much talking, drinking of beer, game-playing, swimming and mackerel fishing.

I hope you have a great weekend.  Speak in a week or so, unless I blog from the iPhone.

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