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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Just a quickie

We have a new car on test drive, and so far so good.  Our criteria are many and varied, and include:

  • it needs to be heavy enough to tow a caravan
  • it needs to be the same as or cheaper than our current much-loved Saab (and this is a combination of list price and emissions for me)
  • the kids need to think it is cool
  • LO needs to think it is cool
  • I need to think it is cool, and while I did not think I am a badge snob, it turns out that I do suffer slightly from that particular allergy
  • it needs certain features that we all like - cup holders, heated seats and a bunch of other attributes that, were I actually to write them down, would sound rather silly.
Now, first and foremost, we really do know quite how lucky we are to have such a problem, but once we are over that guilt trip, a chap finds himself in a real dilemma.  What possible car could he possibly find that meets all these criteria?

"Now, was that a rhetorical question?" I pondered.

So, rather than get slightly embarrassed by mentioning the car we have on test, in case it is one that you think is rather naff, I am going to leave it dangling until I have come to terms with it myself.  If you think you know, then feel free to leave a comment, usual rules apply.

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