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Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday Monday here again

As weekends go, that one went.  It fulfilled all criteria, starting as it did on Friday evening (around 6.30pm when the first beer was opened) and ended Sunday night with no beer (the outlaws having come for lunch, beer, wine, say no more).

In-between we had a somewhat normal weekend.  Scouts and tennis for Maggot 1, swimming for Maggot 2, bit of shopping for essentials and otherwise getting our house ship-shape.

We did go and buy another telly.  This has been planned for just over a year, and financially planned for six months, so it was with much excitement that we took ownership of a new beauty.  This one is forty inches of screen and less than an inch of thickness, being of the LED persuasion.  It is also HD, of course, 3D, of course, and packed with the kind of wizardry that we will never use.  Maggot 1 did a demo for the outlaws and they were, to my great surprise, very interested and impressed.  I had forgotten that they are planning to replace a very old CRT telly, when it finally gives up the ghost, and the idea of a web browser and all the wizzo stuff really did resonate with them.  The fact that the TV can take an external wireless keyboard and even Granddad was thinking he might just get in to this computer lark.

My parents return to Spain tonight.  They are going on the overnight ferry and then driving down to Spain.  It is funny because we do not see them every day, sometimes only once a week, but we will very much miss having them around, and not just because they are a free baby-sitting service.   We will pop over tonight after work for the final goodbye, and to get our last orders from Mama.  She always has a few things she needs us to do; post a letter here, get a prescription there.  She also has some things she needs to discuss directly with Maggot 1.  Hmmm.

Have a good week.

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