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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I am sitting at the breakfast bar, having just finished my porridge, preparing to leave for the office, the first of three days at an office.  As I have commented before, this will prove a long week.  Quite how I ever used to go to an office every days is beyond me, and that makes me realise how lucky I am to have the option to work at home, at least sometimes.

I am experimenting today.  The meeting I am attending starts at 10am and lasts for 3 long hours, and the slightly later start means I am experimenting with an equally late departure from home.  The theory is that all the worst of the traffic will have passed and my journey will be less busy as a result.  This worked will a couple of weeks ago, but not so one week ago, and I fear the effect of the school term starting, albeit seemingly one week later than most schools I know have started.  Today I am leaving slightly later to test a theory that last week was partly impacted by me leaving slightly earlier.  Confused?  You will be.  Anyhow, time will tell and time, as anyone of note will tell you, is an abstract concept.

This is the second to last week of the intense meetings for my improvement project, or rather for the improvement project of which I am a part.  To be honest, it is getting a bit tedious now and the effect of taking the time out for the project is having a negative impact on my "day job".  I even got escalated yesterday, for goodness sake.  A chap is not used to such rigour and attention.  Hopefully he can hold out until the week after next and emerge unscathed.

Right, must finish now to get my teeth cleaned, flossed and mouth-rinsed (a chap must ensure he keeps up standards all over his body) ready for my long journey.  At least I have a Friday Night Comedy Show to keep me company, for the first half hour at least.

Keep having a good week.

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