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Thursday, 12 December 2013

And . . . relax

There seems to be less hours in the day at the moment.  Things are frantic, with Year End vying for Christmas preparation and a general feeling of a slowing draining battery.  It is the same every year, and not sure what I can do differently to make it less so.

Anyway, we are off to Brad and Angelina for the weekend to celebrate the birthday of Angelina, who may well be old enough that we don't mention numbers, yet still seems like a teenager to me (and that should get me an extra large slice of Cherry Madeira Cake).

We are half wrapped, and fully bought up, just missing one key present from Gee Gee to the Scobi family that may well not be available this side of Christmas, which may mean a rather sad IOW being opened on the day.  I will keep checking all the stores, but am not hopeful.  I am also avoiding putting in to print what it is, because walls have ears*.

With work, which is ever-present at the moment, things are just things, and I have a sense of the Luge about it, just trying to get through to the 24th without suffering any major mishaps or illnesses.

*At Christmas time, it is not just the cake that gets mixed

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