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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Another day near 't' grave

So here we are, Thursday before Christmas, late night shopping in Scobiville, and a night when we are looking to go out and do some shopping, and then do some eating. 

Work is refusing to slow down, so I am taking a unilateral approach and just slowing myself down, regardless of how fast the work decides to operate.

In fairness, things are starting to go a bit quieter, and my client will be allowing its contractors to go on holiday until the New Year from yesterday onwards, so surely no organisation can maintain such volumes when a third of their workforce are tucking in to their mince pies.

I have also been asked to provide personal references for Brad, something that I have not been asked to do for a while.  I felt a bit rusty at first, and then once into my stride slightly like I was looking to marry him rather than recommend him.  I think the word "gushing" would about cover it.  Anyhow, it is all true (one of my core values, and also one I documented as one of Brad's if I am not very much mistaken) so how bad can it get.

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