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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I had a really good appraisal on Friday afternoon.  Along with a very agreeable mark, I also had the "as one of my best, I am gonna be putting you in to the hardest accounts" chats with my manager.  Par for the course, and maybe just what I need to shake me out of my January lethargy, either by giving me the new challenge I need (even if I am not sure I want it), or by putting me in a situation that I just have to get out of*, in to my new role.

Talking of new roles, things are moving, albeit slowly.  In fact, so slowly that the untrained eye may struggle to see any movement at all. 

I had a chat with the UK Cloud leader last week, and have a call with the UK other Cloud leader this week.  I have also nearly finished the piece of give-back solutioning for a standardised solution for the Emerging Solutions team, which has gone well, with the comment from the manager that "this is an excellent piece of work", which is nice.  All this is getting my name out there, in readiness for when the twin external factors of organisational pruning, and organisational change, shake out, and the holes and new opportunities reveal themselves. 

This is when I need to be focussed and direct, something I can do as long as I take a long run-up.  I hope that the combination of what I know, and where I am putting myself about, and my mentor, who has influence in this space, that I may actually just get myself a change or role.

About time too.

* I pondered if this should be "out of which I just have to get" - may be technically correct, though not 100% sure, but it certainly does sound at best antiquated, like the infamous Churchill quote that "this is something up with which I will not put"

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