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Friday, 9 January 2015

And . . . relax

Having ended 2014 a little but jaded with Starfleet, I am determined to start 2015 with more vigour.  A week off and plenty of mince pies (and actually, first time for a while, rather a lot of port too) has managed to work its magic, and I do feel ready to do battle with the beast.

I have completed my case for Consulting, which includes plenty of "lateral thinking", which is a modest but important notch on my career bedpost.

I have also had another Mentor session.  My mentor commented that I am now much clearer as to what I want, which is nice, and she has made an introduction on my behalf to someone who is in the right place to advise me, and indeed to know what roles are out there.  As it happens, he knows well the other person with whom I have a call next Tuesday, and so I have combined them both in to the single call. 

The only issue is a couple of major activities* within Starfleet which has, metaphorically, thrown everything up in the air, and until they land, and are appropriately rearranged, it is not that easy to identify which bits are seats and which bits are alligator pits.  All this means is that any career chats will be a bit theoretical.  This does not worry me too much, since what I am doing is getting my name out there, tick, and also getting some sense of at least where to look and what to look for as the changes become reality, tick.

On the home front, the chairs are all stripped back and oiled, and now have new webbing installed.  The cushions arrived on Thursday, but because of an error on my part - I thought I had ordered seat and back, but I had only ordered the seats - I had to place another order yesterday morning for the backs, which arrived promptly today.  I also ordered zips, strong cotton and a new fabric pen**, so I am ready to go, once the material arrives.

This morning I placed the order for the material and sadly it will likely take three to five days to arrive, so I am stuffed until it turns up.  Oh well, where did I put the port.

Actually, that last line is an untruth, because I am trying to do a "dry January" this month.  It will be a challenge, party Saturday night and next week friend's fiftieth lunch party in London, but I plan to be strong, and to see what they look like from a sober perspective***.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* hard to say what without breaching confidentiality rules
** they create a mark that disappears after a day or so.  Seat cushions need to be close-fitting, so accurate marking and cutting is essential, and my chalk triangles will just not suffice for this particular job.
*** absolutely terrifying I expect

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The Gorse Fox said...

Good luck.
I am no longer bound by Confidentiality rules and can clearly see the upheaval from the outside. Ginni's new structure looks challenging, to say the least - but a huge shake up was needed. (Now if she would just get rid of all the deadwood and bullies washing around at the top of GBS, Starfleet might have a chance). The biggest shake-up she could make would be to start focussing on 1) the customer, and 2) the employee instead of the shareholder. The benefits to the shareholder would accrue from 1 & 2... but doing it the other way round is counter-productive as the employees feel irrelevant.