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Friday, 18 March 2016


End of training week two.  Phew.  Was gonna try and keep some "...ew" rhyming going there, but realise that would be naff.

I fell ill during the first day, and so spend a fairly miserable three days with a developing cold.  Nothing life-threatening, though were I in any other situation I would probably have retired to bed.

I have really enjoyed the training.  It has given me the basics of my role and my part of the business, which is nice, and I have met a number of peers from various roles, again all within my general sphere, which is doubly nice.  This means I have some general knowledge to use in my role, and the beginnings of a network.  I will now need to get out there to start earning an honest crust.

Today, Friday, I am taking a breather.  I have done the first half of my expenses (an education) and have finished some of the training we did not cover in the course (also an education) and as I type this, I have been watching the weeks news show for NN.  It is fairly light-hearted in style, but actually very informative too, and one item was on the new memorista technology, which by coincidence we used in our final presentation, to demonstrate the ultimate partnership with our client.  You had to be there really.

These two weeks have really taken it out of me, and being ill has certainly not helped, so today I am just catching up on things and taking it a bit easy, ready for next week.  The weekend is a normal one, with sporty things Saturday, and of course the rugby Saturday afternoon, but we are in Saturday evening, which I think is just what we all need.  Sunday we do have "high tea" at A&E's, the third is a series of "Special Sundays".  I suspect that my unwellness will mean I won't be drinking, so it should be fun, without the Monday morning hangover.

I hope you have a great weekend.  Speak next week.

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