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Thursday, 24 March 2016

The real world

My first week, post on-boarding, in the real world of work.  This has not been that painful so far.  I have my first deal, actually taking over from one of my clan (at least his surname suggests so) though we have not yet found the family tree intersection point.

The real issue is that this was a deal that was completed, the client put it on hold, and it is just coming alive again.  My namesake is now on another deal, and so is handing over to me.  This at least gives me someone to buddy up with, however I am going to have to be on my own sooner or later, and I know little about the client, nor its infrastructure, nor the account team, nor the very many new three letter abbreviations, aka TLAs, I will need to learn.  It will all come in time I know, but sometimes team members do not have the patience with the new guy.

My other bit of work a mini project to get a new system populated with information for a bunch of different opportunities, one of which is my new deal.  There is some irony in this because I have just spent two weeks being trained in the process, and now there is a new tool to run it.  In truth, most of what I have learnt is useful, but this new tool will change the way we do our bit, and I guess being near the front of the queue of people who are learning how to use the new system will give me some kind of advantage over my more experienced colleagues.  The challenge with this bit is that I am engaging with people on opportunities, and all I have is my classroom training, so I am asking "do you have a wotsit?" they are asking "what is a wotsit?", or worse, "ah, for our proposal, we did not bother doing one".  What does the newbie say to that?

We are off to the New Forest tomorrow in the 'van.  I have installed the new hitch on the it, so it fits on the new car, so it will be a new experience towing with the new car, and without the snake-bar (but with an Al-Ko hitch instead).  Apart from the weather, I am very much looking forward to it.  LO is out tonight at a leaving do for one of her teachers, so we are packing and leaving tomorrow morning.

On that note, I shall wish you a great long weekend, Happy Easter, whether the Jesus or the chocolate variety, or indeed if both.  Speak next week.

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