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Thursday, 21 April 2016


Our internet and phone line has been down all today.  I have therefore had to tether off my phone to get any kind of connection, and it is slow.  In a sense, it is a walk down memory lane, to the days when the main broadband was this slow.

I had to Google the likely speeds for my 3G, and to be honest it is faster than I thought at 6-7Mbps.  I was not sure if that was a real bandwidth possibility or just pie in the sky, so I loaded a Speedtest app, and can confirm that it is actually delivering me 5.46Mbps just at the moment, which I have to say is pretty amazing considering.  It certainly blows out the water my first broadband, which ran at  the nose-bleeding speed of 0.5Mbps but which was, nevertheless, awesome compared to the 64Kbps of my dial-up modem (younger readers may need to ask an oldie about this).

I have been able to get on with bits and pieces, but all at a much slower speed than normal.

Tomorrow I am on my travels to near Bath to visit my client, a one and a half hour meeting that will basically take me all day, with a two and a half hour drive each way.  I am therefore unlikely to blog, but I will be able to get through a shed-load of podcasts.

LO is away Saturday night at a fiftieth girlie night away, so it is just us lads for most of the weekend.  Maggot 2 has a match Saturday and Sunday, and Maggot 1 wants to go over to Pompey to a five-a-side football place with his mates Saturday afternoon, so Sunday evening is likely to be lazy time, as we all get to know each other again.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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The Gorse Fox said...

The Arun Sports Arena opens on May 8th. That has 4 indoor 3g pitches (5/6 a-side) and about 11 outdoor pitches. Grand opening will include some walking football! Facilities are very good there and it is quite hand, being sited on the Yapton side of the old Ford airfield. [Chelsea's foundation club will be based there for the region].