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Friday, 8 April 2016

That is a bit better

It was inevitable, but never the less it is rather pleasing that it is coming to pass.

After another week, I am starting to feel like I am starting, just starting, to start on the journey to starting to get it.

That is a lot of starts I know, but for good reason.  I am still regularly being side-swiped by acronyms, ffs, and also with impenetrable process and baffling colleagues.  But* at least I am saying words, and they mostly make sense.  Even my "I know this is probably a dumb question"**  questions are hitting the mark.

I have been working from home ever since my training.  I nearly went to head office on Tuesday, as part of a deal I was loosely supporting, but in the end it sorted itself out so I was not needed.  I think things on my main deal will start to build now, with client meetings planned for a week or two's time, but so far my main fear that I would be putting too many miles on the lease car has not come to pass.  I suspect they are savings now that will need to be spent later, but that is fine.  It may also mean that I can fit in a European tour within the upper limit as well.

Last night, we had ten teenagers on a sleep over for Maggot 1's fourteenth birthday bash.  They are a good crowd, but that does not take away from the fact that they are ten basically fully-grown, testosterone-oozing*** lads, like overgrown puppies after one too many Red Bulls, intent on "pulling an all-nighter" and mostly succeeding.  Mind you, they were not so clever at 8.30am this morning as I made the commute from bedroom to study.  Ha!

This weekend we have the usual sport, and also lunch at my parents with my sister and her family, to celebrate my mum's birthday.

For the rest of the weekend, I hope to do not much, though I now have a DIY booklet, not list, booklet, with all the stuff I need to do, and I will probably try and knock some of that off.  To be honest, a Saturday afternoon painting Maggot 1's bedroom (some residual and historical damp patches that my filling and painting the year before has sorted, but it takes a year sometimes for it all to dry out once the exterior is actually water-tight) with the football on the radio is not a bad way to spend a few hours.  I continue to be happy doing anything, if it can be uninterrupted, since that is the complete opposite of a normal working day.

Anyhow, enough from me.  I hope you have a great weekend, at least for those that know when the weekend starts and ends, and speak next week.

* I know you, dear reader, like things to be correct, so I did just Google whether starting a sentence with a "But" was acceptable, and apparently it is, for some people.  I just hope you are part of those "some people"
** A technique taken from the same stable as "you are probably going to kill me dad . . . " and "I could have bought a £500 pair of shoes, but instead . . . "
*** I have missed using my stars!  Teenage boys stink, if not of body odour (Lynx and the ladies seem to keep that to a minimum) then of testosterone.  I mentioned this to my hairdresser, let's call him Paul Weller, and he told me the day that forty-one rugby players were in for a sponsored head shave.  They had a 2m x 2m bag 15cm deep with hair after the cut, and the whole salon stank of "eau d'homme"

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