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Friday, 26 August 2016


The weather and me.  Hotter than hot.  My office has a number of bits of kit; my work laptop as well as my home computer, on which I mostly do my remixing.  I also now have powered monitors, and they throw out some heat.  So, even without the external influences, my office can be pretty warm.  This will work fine Autumn in to early Winter I think, when I anticipate no need for any heating.  However, right now, it just makes things a little bit more uncomfortable.

Work is picking up now.  I have two deals assigned to me this week, and the first one alone will be 50-80% of my time.  I need to busy, so this is good.

At home, we have a long weekend, then I have Thursday and Friday off to go to Golden Cap, so next week will be a very short working week.

This weekend, football starts are our new home, which is a local private school, which has permanent goals setup, plus an all-weather pitch (not sure yet if it is astro or 4g, hoping the latter).  Maggot 2 has new boots, decent leather boots this time, and he cannot wait to play in them.  The are "mini sock" boots, and if that means nothing to you, then you should probably look it up.  Think Messi sock boot (come on, everyone is wearing them) but not as long, indeed a mini sock version of them.

Otherwise, I have some DIY round the house to complete, and some beer to drink.

I hope you have a great long weekend, and speak next week.

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