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Friday, 16 September 2016

Wedding Bells

We are at a wedding this weekend.  This involves an hour drive to the church, via a local Sainsbury's to have a coffee and get changed in the toilets, so we are crease-free as we arrive at the church.  It is then about an hour's drive to the venue, which is also where we are staying the night.  The up-side is that this is actually only about half an hour from home.

The wedding is for LO's cousin.  To be honest, we do not see him very often, once a decade or so, but his side of the family is very spartan, so we are in a sense making up the numbers.  The fact that his bride is Ghanain, with a massive Ghanain family behind her, makes the contrast all the more so.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to a night away, to nice food, and not having to cook, wash up or any other of those usual daily tasks.  We will also be able to spend some time with the in-laws and Gee Gee (great grandma).

The Maggots both have their outfits - Maggot 1 a suit and tie (which will be used again during his upcoming work experience week), and Maggot 2 a jacket, a shirt that is "tight like the footballers wear" and a trendy bow tie.  Biased I most certainly am, but they will make a handsome pair of young men . . . right up until the knee-slides start.

This means no football this weekend, which may be a blessing.  They were beaten 9-0 last weekend, and while the team that beat them is one of the best in the league, our best performance would usually give them a good game.  The trouble was, we did not give anywhere near our best performance; it was, rather, dire.

The coach was not there to see it first hand, but by training on Wednesday, he had heard about it second hand, and he has decreed that until they start playing as a team, they cannot wear their team shirts.  This means that for the match on Sunday, the team will wear shorts and socks from their kit, but not the shirt - the orders are to wear anything, and then they will be given bibs to make them the same colour.  Unconventional, but I suspect it does at least get the point across.  Let's hope it works.

That is all for now.  Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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