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Friday, 30 September 2016


Health is, as we all know, the only thing standing between each of us and death.  i.e. it is pretty important.

That seemed mildly amusing when I wrote it, but hard to follow that with tales of unwellness in Scobi Towers without sound an alarm.  Nothing to worry about, no-one near to their last breath, but we are all under the weather just a little bit.  Both Maggots had a couple of days off at different times, LO is struggling, and even I, paragon of virtue*, have a sore throat and that "a few degrees under" feeling.

Nevertheless, it is a timely reminder, especially at this time of year, that we must all do what we can to keep well, to keep fit, to eat well, to drink plenty of the good stuff (boring old water) and not so much of the bad stuff (lovely beer and wine).

This weekend, health permitting, we will have football, drumming and, on Friday evening, for the older members of the clan, an evening out with David and Samantha, which we are really looking forward to, a chance to catch up on life, and possibly to reminisce on our holiday, the traces of which can still be found at the bottom of our respective sock drawers.

Talking of drumming, Maggot 1 will have to move his drumming lesson to Friday evening, because he has a job.  His old tennis coach contacted him asking if he wanted to be his Boy Friday, or rather Boy Saturday, helping out with junior tennis lessons on Saturday morning.  This came out the blue, but was rather flattering for Harvey, and an opportunity he has snapped up with indecent haste.  He has wanted a way to earn some money for a while, and this is an opportunity he cannot, and has not, turned down.  It will also look good on his CV, for when he applies for university (since it is no longer enough to have straight A+ results, one must also have volunteered, or climbed Mount Everest, or indeed spent some time as a junior tennis coach).

Talking of CVs, I have grasped an opportunity to go in to Maggot 1's school to help out with CV writing and interview techniques.  I have wanted to do some kind of volunteering, using my supposed experience to help nippers, and so when this was announced at the recent Year 10 evening, I grasped it with both hands.  I am really looking forward to helping out - I just hope that I have something useful to give.

Well, that is me done.  Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* hmmm. Ed.

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