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Friday, 6 January 2017

Well, that was fun

I am back at work, and the last few weeks are already feeling like a slightly hazy dream.  Having said that, we did have a lot of fun, the Maggots really enjoyed the time off, and while we did a lot of events, we also had a couple of days to do nothing, collectively.  This is an exercise that, on reflection, is very much more enjoying on reflection, than when actually in the doing.  What I mean to say is that it just felt like another day when we were doing it, but looking back it was wonderful to get up when we wanted, have a massive brunch, then watch a film, taking in a bit of remixing, or just dozing, if the feeling took us.  Lovely.

Oh well, no point griping, we have to pay for it all now, both financially and health-wise.  I am doing another dry January, though will probably pause it half way through since we are invited to a wine tasting evening, and while I really enjoy the learning part of the event, it would be churlish of me not to mention that I am also not averse to the tasting part either.

We are also on diets, though this is as much about eating healthier, though as part of that also to eat less, both volume and calaries.

So, by the end of the month I should be practically perfect in every way.  I even have a new smile, courtesy of a chain of events that started with a Christmas toffee, and ended with a trip to the dentist to replace a filling that was "painted" on one of my front incisers to replace some bad discolouration.  This is actually either the second or third time the filling has been replaced, so I suspect that this new one will eventually fall off, but for now, I am beautiful* again, and my teeth are, if anything, straighter than ever**.

That is enough for now.  I hope you all had a great break, and are back in the saddle, ready to either:

  • find a new job
  • carry on being retired
  • keep on keeping on.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* notwithstanding the raw materials at my disposal
** lest this give the wrong impression, they are not very straight, for reasons unknown, though probably due to braces not being invented when I were a lad

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