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Friday, 14 May 2010


Now, I am very much a man who lives by the adage "try everything once except incest and Morris dancing".  Once a chap has layed down that important moral foundation stone for life, then he can make his way up the evolutionary scale to full human being.  If he wears the right tie (more on ties later) and shakes hands in the "right" way, then he may even ascend to the lofty heights of thoroughly decent chap. 

So what has all this got to do with slippers, I hear you cry.  Well this is the point that I am, eventually, trying to make.  Maybe the list of things I would not try even once needs extending.  Perhaps it should read "try everything once except incest, Morris dancing and wearing slippers".  Now, the jury may well be out on slippers, in fact they are probably down the pub selling their story to the red tops, but I feel that a discussion forum such as this is exactly the place to tackle the difficult subjects in life.  Like slippers.

If I were to share with you another foundation stone for life, then it would be that what a chap does in the comfort of his own home is, by and large, and referring oneself to the first foundation stone of life, his own business.  If a chap chooses to wear a slipper device on his meat pies, and it doesn't scare the children or the horses, be damned man, he should jolly well be able to wear them.

I appreciate such a stance will enable my friends to mock me, and for strangers to make a mental note not to leave me in charge of the remote control.  You should remember that I love 'vannin', so I guess I stepped over the threshold a long time ago.  Those who really love me will forgive my foibles.  Those who don't will be steering a wider berth next time they see me coming down the corridor.

As Golfy would say, if you can't join 'em, feck off and do something else.

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