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Friday, 7 May 2010

Well wasn't that a disappointment

For reasons other than the election, I could not sleep last night so got up around 4am for a cuppa and to check out the election, and to be honest it was pretty disappointing.
From 10pm last night they had published the "exit poll" which laid out a slight Tory victory, Labour second and LibDem a very poor third.  Then with nothing else much to do, they played with their various toys, SwingOmeters and other wizzo graphics, to work out what things would look like if the exit polls were correct.
Then they would cut to a person who reminded us that exit polls can go wrong, remember 1992 they say, but that did not stop them doing all sorts of projections, and wasn't it fun.

I have to say that the show, live as it was, did provide good entertainment and they did manage to keep it zipping along and it was pretty interesting most of the time.  By 4am they looked absolutely knackered, but to their credit they made very few mistakes, and in fact it was the technology that gave them more problems than tired brains. 

So, now what we have is a long wait until all the counts are in, and the political jockeying is finished, and I really do not know how it will all end.  Let's watch that space!

Have a good weekend, speak again next week.

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