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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Due to my upcoming holiday - did I mention I am going on holiday soon? - I thought I would do something that I have hitherto been unable to do; write my blog every day.  I know, totally unheard of, how will you find to time to analyse and absorb my deep and humourous words?  A question that we should probably leave lingering like a bad smell, in the hope that it will dissipate in time.

Not so much to report today.  We did do the final coat on the blackboard wall, and have now removed the masking tape, and it does look fantastic.  Bit of touching up to be done with the white round the edge where the tape has pulled the top layer of paint off, but rather that than a low-tack tape that allows the paint to bleed underneath the line.

We have also started packing, or to be precise, putting the clothes and other items in piles ready to be packed.  The clothes-we-don't-need-until-we-are-there suitcase is packed, the clothes-to-wear-in-the-car-on-the-first-day pile is ready, as is the clothes-we-will-take-in-to-the-hotel-for-day-2 pile.  We also have several lists, the shortest of which is the list detailing where we have put all the other lists, and all in all we are in pretty good shape.  The top box is going on the car today, and the light-and-not-needed-until-we-get-there stuff will be packed in there probably today and tomorrow.  This will include a couple of toppers (you can never be too soft when it comes to a bed*) and various beach and pool items such as sun shelters, buckets & spades, snorkel & masks, inflatables, you know how we love our inflatables, and various other ephemera**.

As I mentioned yesterday, the inside of the car has been cleaned*** and today or tomorrow I will give the outside a little wash, and another thing can be ticked off the list. 

We spoke to the owner last night who had sent an email saying "we have not received the cheque" only to find in the evening when she rang that the deposit cheque had been stuck to the back of the payment cheque.  Doh!  Too late, we had already cancelled the cheques and paid by electronic transfer, so hopefully that will all go through OK.  The lady sounds very nice, and has just returned from the place, and was able to give us various bits of advice, including the fact that there are lots of mozzies, and that it is as hot as Hades there.  It looks like we will not be doing much during the day.  Lovely.

That's all for now folks, speak again soon tomorrow.

* ... or a Mister Whippy ice cream, one thing to which the French really have not mastered, or actually even tried to master
** very likely not the correct use of the word, but it just popped in to my head, and does have a pleasing sound to it
*** Apart from a few drips of something unspeakable on the passenger side console, as high-lighted by LO.

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