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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Holding pattern

I think today will be one of those days that will be remembered not at all, a holding pattern kind of day.  There will be some work, albeit now located IN MY NEW OFFICE.  This is not what a chap would call "finished".  I am in and working, but the desk is currently a bit of leftover MDF balanced on my little computer desk that I have been using in the bedroom.  This is not pretty, but it does give me some decent space.  And yes, it is only temporary. 

I have also retrieved the filing cabinet from the shed, albeit with the two drawers with the important stuff still in the loft (I did not want to have all our papers in a wooden shed, albeit a beauty of a wooden shed).  I also have a pile of gumf that will be in the study once I have storage to accommodate it; stationery, various cables and the rest of the electrical items yet to be installed, such as main computer, light, 2-way switch etc etc etc.  I won't bore you further, I think that is enough boring for a Tuesday.

We have the "meal for eight" at the weekend, so I will be on a strict timetable to remove all my stuff from the many and various temporary storage locations.  The shed has to be the final resting place of said detritus, and now that the filing cabinet has been relocated, I think I have now removed the last excuse I have for not tidying it up.  The shed, as you will know, is the dumping ground for everything that needs a temporary home, and the many repeats of moving all the stuff from the left to the right to get to something, only to move it back from right to left the day after to get something else, means that, putting it politely, space has not been optimally used.  There is also, I am reliable informed by LO, in her own minimalist and direct way, "a lot of cr@p you can throw away in there". 

I guess that is me told.

Enjoy your day and speak soon.

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