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Monday, 8 August 2011

What a fantastic weekend

We had a great weekend, with Brad and Angelina down to stay and a Meal for Eight on Saturday evening.  Needless to say that we were v. v. tired Sunday, and so it was a slow day of little chores, tidying up and generally starting to prepare for our holiday.  The car internals got a clean and I was ably assisted by the two Maggots who, to be fair, did a fantastic job polishing and hoovering their respective rear seat areas.

We then extracted all our holiday gear from the loft, and inflated the inflatables to check which had lasted the long cold winter, and which had fallen by the wayside.  I can report, with some sadness, that the crocodile and my favourite armchair have both bitten the dust.  This fits with our need to pack less this year, but is still an event of sadness that will stay with me through until my coffee break at eleven o'clock.

On the first call of the week, which is meant to be a "what's hot for this week" kind of call, but descends in to a painful and boring run through a couple of lists of things that are going to be done. #

This week will be a time of loose end tying, and the offloading of tasks that will run in to the following weeks, including my team-lead role.

Have a good week, and let's catch up before I go on holiday.

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