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Friday, 13 July 2012

And . . . relax

The title is obviously not for Golfy, as I am guessing he does not need much relaxing, having done nothing but take it easy all week.  I hope he is having fun and trying to take the edge of his eye-watering white skin*.

The big event is looming, the event whose name we cannot mention.  Let's just say that LO has us marching like a dressage thoroughbred and the to-do list is prominently displayed.  Only the fickle and those tired of life would ignore it.

Otherwise, I am hoping for a bit of a "And . . . relax" kind of weekend.  I really ought to sort out the bathroom fan, so that may well be Sunday's joy, but otherwise I hope and pray for a dodgy Sunday Afternoon Film and a few zeds.

I had better go make the sandwiches for the Maggots' lunches, and knock up some of my finest Flahavan's Jumbo Oats porridge.  If I have not mentioned these yet, then shame on me.  If I have and you are still reading, shame on you.  These are, in my opinion**, simply the best porridge oats I have ever eaten.  Large, nutty and with a good bite even after cooking.  I absolutely love them.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.  Oh, and Golfy, take it easy.

* I know it is not good to laugh at your own jokes, but I did have a little chuckle at that one.
** and as if to prove that giving man, and women, free thought is not always a good thing, LO does not agree with me.


a bad man said...

Don't wish to be a pedant but a thoroughbred is more suitable to flat racing than to Dressage...

... soz, that is what comes from having a "horsey" mother and sister.

Have a nice weekend



Golfy said...

Luckily for you it is the flat season and not over the hurdles, so at least you're in with a fighting chance - however, I'd suggest you check your lineage. As long as you're descended from Darley Arabian you should be fine ;-)