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Monday, 9 July 2012


What a weekend.  We spent a lovely afternoon and evening at David and Samantha's, but either side of that it was a relentless, non-stop, never ceasing endless round of sporting dates, chores, cooking, washing up, eating and some time spent preparing various aspects of the mystery party* which included tidying the garden, cleaning the bi-folds and trialling the sound system**.

We even moved the TV out to the main room so that we could watch the tennis whilst Maggots played football and us oldies did our chores.  It was pretty tense watching, and I am in agreement with GF that, at some stage in the final third, Murray's voice in his head started to get a bit negative, and to be honest that is all it takes for Federer to hammer home the advantage, which he did with ruthless efficiency.

The best bit, for us soppy ones at least, was Murray's losing speech where, possibly for the first time, he appeared human.  In fact, so human that a chap might have had a small tear in his eye.

We come to Monday looking forward to two more weeks of school before the holidays, when three of the four Scobi clan will be finished for six weeks.  In the meantime, we are wrestling with illness from both Maggots, and even LO has a throat, not helped by four nights of poor sleep from all of the clan.  Sadly, we are getting that end of term thing, where everything gets busy and we all start to feel the stress in one way or another.

Have a good week.  Even Golfy, gloating in the sunshine.

* that for good reason we cannot mention by name.
** sometimes referred to "hanging the hi-fi out the window"

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