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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uhh, Thursday I think

Was home at around 9pm last night, which is not so late for normal chaps, but tired little early-bird chaps who need their sleeping to be getting under way early, it was a bit of a killer.  Four veggie sausages and piccalilli for tea.  Not our finest hour.

Last night, I thought I could wheedle out of the meeting set for today up country at the customer's office, but sleeping on it I realised I really did need to be there, which was a pain because Maggot 1 was ill.  In the end, LO was able to drop him off at the outlaws for the day. Sorted.  Then I had a text from colleague to say the meeting was at 10am, not 10.30am as I had mis-remembered, so a quick call to A and I was able to drop Maggot 2 round there for her to take to school.  This kind of last minute disruption can sometimes set off the sensitive Maggot 2, but going to A meant hooking up with H and playing football in the cul de sac so he was more than happy.  Sorted.

Left him at 8.15am and found the journey up so pain free that I was at the offices before 9.30am, which is some kind of record.  Sorted.  Made a note to aim for that time every time I need to go there.

Had to leave early as LO is working again tonight, so just now finishing off work so I can go and make Maggot food, which is Spaghetti Bolognese and Garlic Bread.  Not original, but a winner in the Scobi household, and also gives me a chance to sneak a slice of GB whilst I am sitting with the little darlings.

Then I need to do some finances, and watch some brain-numbing telly, awaiting the return of LO after 9pm, when we can hopefully watch something off the Humax.  Sorted.

I hope you can sort yourselves as well as we can here.

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