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Friday, 7 December 2012

And . . . relax

Another Friday comes by, and it is, as usual, more than welcome.  The working week was more normal, which is nice, and we are slowing getting all our chores done at home in preparation for Christmas.

LO said the other night that we would quite like to get off the hamster wheel sometime soon, since things are soooooooooo full on soooooooo much of the time.  That moment will probably be our last day of working this year, which for me is Friday 21 December.  Can't wait.

Just want to get in writing that I owe Brad a call.  My evenings are at the moment not much more than eat and sleep.  I am, as usual for this time of year, very tired, my sleeping is suffering probably caused by the stress of too much work, so it really is Luge Time, lie flat and don't die.

This weekend we are at a school fayre tonight.  Actually, sorry, not a fayre, a fair, since it is really just a matter of a few stalls, a bit of tat on sale and the requirement just to attend for half an hour and spend a bit.

Saturday evening we have the in-laws over for tea and Strictly.  The Strictly Sweepstake is hotting up, and I have to say my own chances of winning are slim, since I only have Lisa Riley left in the draw, and while she is popular, I think her dancing skills may have reached their limit and she will be voted off either this week or next.

Have a fantastic weekend, and speak next week.

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