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Monday, 11 February 2013

And . . . not too relaxed

I missed the usual Friday post, so on Monday I find myself reflecting on a dismal five days in the Scobi household.

We have all been down with a "sickness bug", something akin to Norovirus, if not the very chap himself. This started Tuesday night with Maggot 2, then Maggot 1 at 11am Thursday evening, followed by yours truly Friday at 3am, followed reluctantly by LO Friday lunchtime.  By Friday evening, we were all desolately sprawled on the sofas and chairs, spending nearly an hour planning to moment at which we were all going to drag our sorry carcasses off to bed, such was our lacklustre nature.

All I will say, be a chap of discretion and tact, is that with it being one of those "both ends" types of illnesses, relaxing is the last thing I needed to be doing.

We spent all of Saturday doing nothing but lying down, with Sunday starting to return to normal, although both Maggots are off today just to get a final recovery in.

I am back at work, and feeling somewhat shell-shocked by the experience, but hey ho, such is life, and no doubt worse is seen at sea.

The sadness was we had a lovely weekend planned away at Brad and Angelina's, so sorry to you chaps, hope you are well, and let's rearrange when we can (though with our combined diaries, finding a slot . . . )

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