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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Well that went OK

With LO away for the weekend, it was left to the chaps to keep things together.  It is fair to say that we had a fantastic couple of days, and eating, drinking and wenching was all done in the correct proportions (50/50/0 in case you were wondering) and we seem to have emerged from the weekend unscathed, as has the house and our immediate surroundings.

Needless to say that while LO "missed us lots", this did not impair to any great extent her ability to shop and to spend money.  Every phone call with M, with whom she spent the weekend, tend to be about clothes, so a weekend away together in Bristol is likely to be a retail-intensive experience.  In fairness, we all got something from the trip, so quid pro quo and Hortus est in porto etc.

I was in the office yesterday, and there is nothing like a change of routine to bring on the sweats.  To be fair, it was an easy day because I had previously booked a doctor's appointment (for my foot) first thing so I went up north* at a fairly respectable time, which also meant missing the traffic.

LO goes out at 7pm so I had to leave at 4.45pm as well to ensure I was home in time.  So, as arduous days go, this was not one.

Today I do need to line up some of the team to pick up various bits of work that has suddenly landed on our laps, and then I will most likely have to also project manage the tracking of activity.  Ho hum.

* to Epsom, and not a flat cap or pigeon in sight

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