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Saturday, 31 August 2013

And . . . relax

Bringing some of that mañana spirit back from my holiday, I am doing my end of week blog on a Saturday.  Not a great deal to report.  I have decided to "put it out there" on my return, and so far has spoken to an agency about a job (already gone), and internal manager about a new role in Starfleet (already gone) and tried, but failed, to get some time with a potential new manager about doing what I do now for another account (finally got something in the diary for next Wednesday).  On Friday, I also got a quick email from an old chum in a different bit of Starfleet because his area is looking for two new people to join the team.  I am not 100% sure it is for me, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, and the old chum, a very lively and positive kind of guy, has convinced me that my fears are nothing to worry about, and so he is putting me forward.  I am more than happy to find out more, and by so doing can see whether a) I have what the role needs, b) whether the role has what I need, and c) whether it is actually the right bit of Starfleet to which I might like to move.  These are all questions best answered by having a chat with the hiring manager, and with a fair wind and a supportive chum, that is indeed what I might have.

I have also in principle volunteered for a bit of give back as a Team Leader for a day session, hopefully to be setup in my local Starfleet office, to provide a one day masterclass to people from various charities.  The idea that most charities cannot afford much if any IT advice, so we can give them a basic introduction to one of a number of pre-configured training days.  I am actually rather excited about this since it ticks my "nice to give back" box on a wider scale, as well as being a good credit towards my internal "give-back" obligations.  The bit needed to make it happen is for the organiser, London based, to "put the feelers out" as to whether there is a critical mass of charities in my area wanting to avail themselves of such a day.  I really hope there are, as I would love to make it happen.

I am also going to try taking up meditation.  Early days, prompted initially by a LifeHacker article which included a "2 minutes a day" regime, and also the obligatory iPhone app, to help further.  I will report further on this if it comes to anything. 

We have A&E over for dinner tonight, which is always a pleasure, and with the added ingredient of a lot of debriefing on our European Tour, since, as I am sure you know, they are our 'vannin' buddies in the UK.  I could just point them to my last two blogs, but where's the fun in that*, so it will be a chance to re-live the 18 days, as well as having a 'van-sensitive sounding-board for our thoughts and conclusions.  I guess it could be worse, we could be taking them through fifteen hundred carefully selected holiday snaps.

I hope you are now having a great weekend, and I particularly hope that Bad Man and 30% are having a fab time in the US, where they seem to be dedicating their lives to putting in the miles.

So actually, on read back, maybe there is quite a lot to report.

* No kidding. Ed.

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