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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


We had a fantastic time at Riverside Lakes, as we always do, and the weather, which on paper was good to middling, ended up being great to good in the sky, with just the odd bit of out of hours precipitation.

Fishing was OK.  I caught a couple of nice bream, and Brad a good Carp, Koi Carp actually, which was slightly bizarre like he was fishing in someone's back garden pond.

The Maggots has a great time, in fact Maggot 2 was gently in tears on our return coz "he had had just such a fantastic time", and we are already planning our next trip there.  It is tempting to not wait a year this time, but then we remembered the old adage "too much Riverside Lakes makes a man feel prudent, and then goodbye to happiness", so will probably aim for next Summer.

We now have the van on the drive, and are actively packing it, using the mighty packing list that I made.  I know, is there no end to my talents?

Speak again soon, and hopefully will be blogging whilst away, if I can get a connection.

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