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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Well, that did not go so well

The meeting with prospective new boss did not happen last night.  No word from said person until I IM'd him this morning, the transcript of which was:

me: hi
he: Sorry for missing call, been busy with new project that is not going so well.  You around today?
me: yes, up to 4pm

This does not bode well.  I am totally relaxed about the fact that a) he may be very busy (who isn't these days) and b) I am not actually the most important thing in his universe, however the bit I am really struggling with is the lack of professionalism being shown - no ping/ring/email or carrier pigeon to say sorry for missing call - and also that if he cannot even be bothered to speak to me now, when he must in some way be slightly in need of the role being filled, then that does not augur well for any ongoing relationship.  There is probably nothing worse than a disorganised and disinterested boss, and so far, he seems to be both.  I shall take the zen approach and allow him a further chance to demonstrate I have been hasty in my assessment, but I can see that I will be out of here still not having had a conversation.  If that happens, then it is a quick note to the two managers interested in filling the role, and then I shall be offsky with a capital "off".

Not quite how I had hoped and planned things.

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