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Friday, 13 September 2013

And . . . relax

We are away this weekend to Brighton in the 'van with A&E.  It is gonna be a wet one, but as hardy winter-vanners, a bit of precipitation does not phase us.  Indeed, with the promise of an A home-made curry tonight, and an LO soup and cheese meal for Saturday night, plus a day in Brighton shopping, and eating at the American Diner, it promises to be a great weekend.  And we have waterproofs.

This week I spent 20% on my new account.  I have been successful overall, though I am very conscious  how hard it can be to "break through" on a new account.  It would be fair to say that I have made a good start having had a call with the architect lead (and immediately addressing a problem) and also the process improvement lead (lots of previous experience can be brought to this).  Next week the plan is to be 80% on the new account, and the week after 100%.

That means that in the space of two weeks I will have managed to create and execute an exit plan.  Things are made easier because I already have a deputy, so handing over to him has been a doddle.  He aspires to do the role, so it is rather pleasing that my move has enabled him to realise his aspiration.

Having said that, it is a rather weird experience where I wrote an aggressive exit plan, sent it out for review, and in the absence of anyone saying I cannot do it that quickly, I have executed as per the plan.  Part of me is waiting for someone to notice the plan and say "he can't leave that quickly", however to consider that might well be to have delusions of grandeur.  I believe I have quoted this before, but think it is worth quoting again, that your old company will miss you like a bucket of water will miss a hand; there may be a few ripples, but within seconds it is as if the hand had never been there.  I really do believe this, which helps me a) be less big headed (though I don't actually think I am particularly that way inclined) and b) feel less bad about moving, both for me and for my colleagues.

So, that is all for this week.  Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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