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Monday, 9 September 2013

And . . . relax

Definitely too much relaxing going on, as another Friday post is done on Monday.

We had a lovely weekend.  Strictly Come Dancing returned to our screens, albeit for a one-off red-carpet piece of nonsense, to introduce the faces of 2013 before going away for 3 weeks to learn their first dance.  Nevertheless, that filled the time until X Factor which filled the time until Maggot bedtime, before we watched the final part of Top of the Lake.  Technically, I still need to see it because, hard to believe, it seems I dozed off somewhere in the first third, so have not seen the ending.  The one line comment from LO supports the growing feeling we had been getting that it started strong, but lost its way and meandered without focus to a sort of conclusion.  For example, I love the lead woman (previously seen in Mad Men), who arrived in a male-orientated environment, got a bit trodden on before showing some real strength.  The trouble is, as the plot got lost, so did her resolve, and it seemed to change from strong to weak at will in a most displeasing way.

On Sunday, we had David and Samantha for Sunday roast and a lot of chat.  And quite a lot of drink actually, except David who was driving.  I for one had a little bit of a head by the evening.  We had a great time catching up, and with a further weekend get-together planned for two weeks hence, and some planning for holidays and visits to Brad and Angelina, the social diary is filling up fast.

In the evening, we tried to watch Vera, which is a pleasant enough "cops and murderers" show, but on for two hours so well past both mine and LO's bedtime.  That is another one for which we need to watch the ending.

Have a good week.

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