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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Slight Change on the Western Front

My search for the "next thing" continues apace, with a couple of possible irons in the fire, all three of which could easily come to nothing.  In fact, as time goes by, they seem less and less likely, but then these things can sometimes surprise you, so let's wait and see.

I am about to make a modest change by moving from one account to another, but doing the same role.  The new account seems to need someone who sounds a lot like me.  The previous incumbent is a friendly colleague, if not quite a friend, whose nose may well be put out of joint by my replacing him, although he says he only really wanted the role for 6 months and that may or may not be true, however I do think the thing he is moving to is right up his street.  I am conscious that he may have just the tiniest bit of desire to see me fail, by way of validating that "it was not him, it was them" and at the same time he is saying he will stick around and is happy to help induct me, so being a slightly naive and trusting chap, it is the latter option for me. 

It is very true that he has vast experience of the account, and I have none, so there will be some opportunity for me to un-shine (or whatever the opposite of shine is), however I am also hoping this weakness could be a strength, because I will not then be sucked in to the activities taking all his time, and stopping him, from his (and therefore mine now) manager's perspective, from doing the other stuff that really needs doing.  I expect I will naturally have more time for this other stuff, and so just hope a fresh pair of eyes, a new view on things, and an inability to go weed-diving will be the difference for me.

Time will tell, and I shall undoubtedly be reporting more as time goes by.

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a bad man said...

Wotch Scobi,

Good Luck with the new roll - I prefer Bacon but I'm guessing you are going with a nourishing tomato and humous seasoned with a little fresh basil and black pepper.

Take Care and keep in touch.

All the best bm

PS: Don't you be faffing around sitting with your legs crossed chanting ... I saw your post re meditation. Get yourself a dog. The best way I've found to keep fit, relax and encourage clear thinking ... an hours walk is a marvellous thing