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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Here I sit in some faceless business district in Amsterdam, writing this blog, and feeling content after 3 pints, a pizza and chips and an overpriced chocolate treat.

The beer was good - Heineken Extra Cold, which is cold and wet and tasty enough for a mid-week drink.

The pizza was really poor.  Biscuit base rather than crispy dough.

The fries were good.

The salt was very chunky, so looked good in the dish, but did not coat the chips particularly well.

The black pepper grinder was quite exceptional.

The "salmon and cucumber" with a bread roll starter was very nice.

The view from the window was very pedestrian.  Think the junction for Havant exit and the A27.

The restaurant was very European - spartan but sort of chic.  It had the most enormous brass or copper shades, maybe 1m diameter, over each table.  I did have to just check the fitting looked sturdy.

The chocolate was very expensive, but as a weak captive audience, it is all I can expect.

I hope that Brad is getting his feet under the desk of his new job.

Not spoken to Golfy or Bad Man for a while, maybe need to do that when I am back in Blighty.

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a bad man said...

Wotcha Scobi,

I too spent a week in the Netherlands in February and have to say that it is not my favourite place. Being Winter it was dark when I left the hotel for the Office and dark when I finally got back to the Hotel. End result was that I saw none of The Hague and found Dutch food to some of the most tedious cuisine that I have ever encountered. I hope your time in "The Dam" is more enjoyable.

A chat would be delightful, as always.