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Thursday, 17 July 2014


We had a great time at David and Samatha's triple birthday bash, with lots of drinking and eating and talking, and latterly even a little bit of dancing.

This week is a utility week, the purpose of which is to get to Friday, when I have a half day off to receive a scaffold tower and to do the cracks in our render, finally.  Scobi Senior will be over to help in the morning, and I will hopefully be able to help erect the said scaffolding tower in between calls, before we put in a good stint of grinding out and re-rendering every single crack on the wall by our driveway, followed by a likely dismantle and remantle (it is too wide to get through our back gate) to then do the cracks outside Maggot 2's window.

We hope to paint all the woodwork at the top too, if we get time.

We are at a party on Saturday night, again, and on Sunday, Maggot 1 has a cricket match over in Worthing, and we will then be packing the car, ideally to almost "ready to go" status, in expectation of a busy final 4 days before we depart.

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