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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Two days to go

Only two days to go, and I am in full-on closing down loose threads mode, which is nice in as much as having less loose threads is good, but it is also stressful in that it means juggling an awful lot of balls, including a bunch of other people's balls who have already gone off on holiday.  There are balls everywhere.

In addition, what I DON'T finish will end up being loose threads for my deputy to clear up, and that is not a nice present to give anyone, least of all your deputy.

Tonight we do a review of packing and pack the top box, and tomorrow we finish off, then the following morning at around 8am, we will be off to the tunnel.  Can't wait.

1 comment:

a bad man said...

Here at The Pile we have a mantra that is "Passport. Credit Cards and Prescription Medication, everything else is useful rather than vital". It makes packing so much less stressful.

I hope you have a fab holiday and take it from one who is currently deputising for two colleagues, Unless you have left only work that a five year old could perform with their eyes shut you are going to get accused of leaving a pile of crap anyway! …

… so don't worry about the pile of crap either :-)